Financial Summary

Thanks to our successful business model based on product, customer, industry and region diversification, we were able to minimize the effect of adverse factors in 2013 achieving double-digit growth in revenue while increasing gross margins and maintaining a healthy balance of accounts receivable.

Among the most significant adverse effects were:

This diversified model will allow Pochteca to capture significant benefits once the energy reform is consolidated and the economy resumes its growth. The positive impact will be seen not only in the oil exploration and drilling industries, the most important markets for Grupo Pochteca, but in over 30 industrial activities that rely on energy and/or basic petrochemicals for their processes. All these industries are served by Grupo Pochteca and therefore their growth will result in an increase in the demand of the Company’s portfolio of products.

Ps.4,473 million in sales
15% growth against 2012

Ps.40 million Net Income

Ps.216 million EBITDA
14% increase

Ps.623 million Net Debt