Thousands of products in hundreds of industries for thousands of customers located in many regions.

Throughout our extensive logistics and distribution network, we serve more than 27,000 customers in over 500 cities in Mexico and four Latin American countries (Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica).

Our broad customer base and wide product portfolio, coupled with our geographic coverage, allow us to maximize channel utilization, making it feasible to serve industries in remote locations or in complex supply conditions. Moreover, additional benefits include efficiencies attained in transportation and storage, as well as meeting applicable regulation and international standards on the secure chain of custody.

Sourcing technically complex products demands important technical and administrative resources from the procurement team in companies who consume industrial raw materials. In Pochteca, as a reliable supplier with full world class HSSE certifications, we provide a broad portfolio in a single channel through our “one-stop shop” and a full technical support value proposition, simplifying the supply chain of our customers and allowing them to meet a significant portion of their needs through a single channel.

At the end of 2013, we have 35 full-fledged distribution centers and four sales offices in Mexico, three distribution centers in Central America, and five distribution centers in Brazil. This allows us to keep our inventories, laboratories and technical support team close to our clients, enabling them to optimize and rationalize their inventories and operate with full flexibility of their processes.

Since 2008 we are partners of Omnichem, a strategic alliance integrated by 13 distributors in the U.S. and Canada. The association provides us access to 74 distribution centers in North America, and enables us to have employees in China, India and Korea, which are focused on procuring highly competitive products in those countries. Omnichem has allowed us to achieve economies of scale through the purchase of large volumes (by the ship load) at competitive prices.

During 2013, Pochteca’s Responsible Distribution Certification (RDP), from the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), was renewed through a multi-plant on-site audit.

We have always gone beyond the strictly necessary regulatory compliance procedures, distinguishing ourselves by having world class HSSE standards, which have been validated both by the continuous audits of the “Responsible Distribution Process” system (RDP) of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), the umbrella organization for chemical distributors in the U.S. and Canada as well as by the SARI compliance audits of the ANIQ (the Mexican Association of the Chemical Industry). Both of these are voluntary compliance programs to which Pochteca has subscribed for years. We are the only Latin American company to have the RDP certification from NACD.

On a regular basis we train our personnel in handling hazardous products in order to adhere to the standards of the NACD and ANIQ.

With 322,000 m2 of logistics capacity, 109,000 m2 for storage of dry products and 20.2 million liters, we are able to deliver more than 300,000 tons of products per year, positioning us as one of the leading companies in the distribution and marketing of raw materials in Latin America. Currently, we deliver 5,500 different products to over 27,000 customers annually.

We have 17 laboratories: 13 for quality control and four for the research and development of applications. Through this capacity, we offer advice to our thousands of customers, and train clients and suppliers on analytical techniques and development of new formulations and applications for their products. Some of the services provided include: