Ethics and Integrity

G4-56, G4-LA16, G4-HR3, G4-HR12, G4-SO11

Through the transparency line mechanism, which all our associates, customers, suppliers and surrounding communities can access, and, who are also regularly reminded of its existence, we receive complaints regarding any deviation of our associates from our Code of Ethics, to whom we are all committed.

code of ethics

  • Integrity and equality of all people
  • Upright conduct
  • Leadership with respect
  • Truthful information
  • Proper use of tools
  • Confidentiality
  • Fair treatment
  • Discretion

G4-LA16, HR-3, HR-12, G4-SO11

The complaints are handled by an independent company, and evaluated by the Ethics Committee, to develop the appropriate action plans.


The results of this complaints in 2016 were:

We received 31 complaints and one follow up case.


58% of the complaints were associated with Employee Harassment (18/31)


Means of contact
61% were received through the Web Page (19/31)


77% of the complaints were presented anonymously (24/31)


New cases
97% of the complaints were New Cases (31/32).
97% of the complaints were made by employees (30/31)


Receipt by day of week
29% of the complaints were received on a Thursday (9/31)

G4-SO3, G4-SO4, G4-SO5

Based on our analysis of these reports, we have introduced training plans to strengthen knowledge and application of the code of ethics, policies and procedures among all our personnel, and leadership workshops for all employees with managerial responsibilities.

Operating in strict adherence to our values and code of ethics is a basic principal for Pochteca, and we transmit this information to all employees at the time they are hired, and regularly reinforce it after that.

In keeping with this principle, and in strict accordance with the law, we allocated the resources necessary to disclose and follow the appropriate legal channels regarding a case of corruption in Quintana Roo, involving an apocryphal labor lawsuit that was used to justify the freezing of more than Ps 4 million in company bank accounts.

This case, which is still under way, exposed a network of corruption among local conciliation and arbitration boards that had operated under the previous government of that entity.

G4-EC5, G4-EC6

92% of the company’s senior management is native to Mexico City, where they also perform their duties.

In all the regions where we are present, our personnel’s wages are above the official minimum set by the National Minimum Wage Commission. The range of salaries depends on the type of position and each person’s qualifications. In no cases are these wages determined on the basis of gender, age, ethnic origin or social condition.