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For the purpose of identifying those material aspects of our operations, that impact our stakeholders and must be included in our sustainability report, in 2016 we undertook a Materiality Study that was conducted by an external consultant. That study took as its point of reference, a benchmark between the maturity of major companies in the sector dedicated to the specialized distribution of consumer chemical products, and the risk characterized by sectorial and social regulations –whether legally binding or voluntary– for economic, social and environmental matters.

The study included a review of public information from the four major companies in the sector dedicated to the distribution of specialized consumer chemical products, four

sectorial and four social institutions. The aspects and indicators that were reported on included information regarding our operations in Mexico, unless otherwise specified.

Our stakeholders

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We have identified our stakeholders, from the point of strategic planning, and maintain commitments, with each one of them.

With our clients:

We provide them with services in addition to the sale of products, such as:

  • Training in safety requirements and regulations for product handling
  • Safety evaluations and recommendations on installations and infrastructure
  • Advisory services on product uses and functionality through our application laboratories
  • Post sales service
  • Sustainable product alternatives
    • FSC certified paper
    • Sugar substitutes
    • Low sodium materials
    • Used-solvent recycling
    • Biodegradable materials

With our associates:

  • Strict labor compliance
  • Agreements with suppliers of goods and services that set preferential conditions and prices
  • Policy regarding home office and flexible hours

  • Oriéntame line
  • Participation of our associates’ children in a drawing competition about a safe environment

With society in general:

  • Participation in mutual aid groups
  • Training in schools and institutions
  • Donations to communities
    • We support the Kardias Foundation’s race every year through donations from our associates
  • Annual donations to government agencies and non profit institutions
    • Donations from our collaborators to Julian Foundation
    • Donations of equipment and material to firemen for their drills
    • Donation of equipment to Cruz Roja (Red Cross)
    • Donation of office supplies to DIARQ
    • Economic donation to Fundasida


With our suppliers:

  • We share best practices
  • We evaluate performance
  • We identify and collaborate areas of opportunity in our supply chain

With our competitors:

  • Honest and professional competition
  • We share best practices through the associations and groups we belong to: ANIQ, CANACAR, AMEDIR, ANAFAPYT, AIVAC Y CANACINTRA, México Unido contra la Delincuencia (Mexico United Against Crime)

With our shareholders and commercial partners:

  • Loyalty and competitive return on investment